Primary source company intelligence via Know Your Business (KYB) Solution


Know Your Business (KYB) Solution

Access primary source, company intelligence to optimise your KYB processes.
Know Your Business

Primary source company intelligence

Transform your inefficient KYB processes with real-time access to over 180 company registries that are continuously updated and configured to your specific needs

Our Features:

PAYG Searching

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Service

Use NameScan's KYB service to purchase company reports based on your requirements

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Access over 180 global company registries to verify the identities of your business partners.

Comprehensive Datasets

Comprehensive Datasets

With over 170 million company reports available, we are able to provide you with reliable reports to help you meet your AML/CTF obligations.

Real-Time Screening

Real - Time Screening

NameScan has real-time access to corporate registries, across the world, that have a legal obligation to ensure their data is accurate and up to date.

Informed Due Diligence

Informed Due Diligence

Make informed decisions and manage your risk by accessing information that is reliable and can help you meet your KYB obligations.

Online Platform

Online Platform

Access to company information anytime, anywhere, in real time.

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How to conduct a KYB check?

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Step 1
Select a country and enter the name of the company you wish to find information for
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Step 2
Identify the appropriate company and view available reports
Step 3
Select the required report and add it to your cart
Step 4
Checkout and complete your purchase
Step 5
View report/s and conduct the necessary due diligence

What is KYB?

Companies that deal with money transfer are required to perform a Know Your Business (KYB) check. This check includes verification of the company registration, business license updates, and the direct and indirect owner/s of the company with whom you are conducting business.



Failing to carry out Know Your Business (KYB) Checks can increase your exposure to being used for money laundering and terrorism financing activities


If Know Your Business (KYB) checks are not performed, it may at any point, damage your brand integrity and profit baseline and subject you to penalties for non-compliance.


NameScan's KYB solution provides the following company information:

Share Capital
Ownership and Control (Director/UBO/Shareholders)
Special Resolutions
Corporate Information including Status
Formation Documents / Articles
Solvency / Gazette / Insolvency / Liquidator
PAYG Searching


Global coverage from over 120 countries

PAYG Searching


Access to over 180 company registries

Real-Time Screening


Search through 170+ million company records

PAYG Searching

< 5 min

KYB checks performed in less than 5 minutes



Streamline and optimise your compliance program

NameScan provides an end-to-end compliance platform, allowing you to access current and reliable information to help you meet your AML/CTF obligations.


Improve your customer onboarding experience

Reduce customer friction by making informed due diligence decisions based on primary company information.


Reduced processing time

Access multiple company registries to optimise your decision making process.

Why is it important to conduct a Know Your Business (KYB) check?

It is important to conduct a KYB check to help you identify the legitimacy of the business you are choosing to interact with. Failure to identify shell or fraudulent companies may lead to your business being exposed to money laundering and terrorism financing activities.

To help combat money laundering and terrorism financing activities, many regulatory bodies around the world have made KYB checks mandatory for reporting entities. Failure to comply with regulations will result in significant penalties, upheld by regulatory bodies, and the potential to lose all rights to conduct business within the region.

NameScan can help you comply with anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing regulations in various jurisdictions, helping you manage your risk and adherence to legislation within your jurisdiction.

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